Melasma (Skin Spots) Treatment

Butterfly-shaped patches called melasma may develop on chins due to hormonal disorders, post-pregnancy period and sunlight. After investigating the root cause, peeling or medication may be applied. Fractional laser is FDA-approved to this end. The monthly 6-session treatment yields brilliant results. Compared to other treatments, laser procedures are more effective.

​Known as chloasma too, these are blue-brownish spots on the face. They slowly develop in time. Such pigmentation depends on excessive melanin production. There is genetic tendency to develop melasma “pregnancy: spots usually fade out after a couple of months following pregnancy”, “hormonal contraceptives”,” sunbathing”,” fragrant or deodorized perfumes, soaps, cosmetics interact with light and lead to phototoxic reactions”, “They may also occur in healthy, non-pregnant people due to unknown factors. ”

Clinical Findings:
While melasma generally effects women, its prevalence in male is 1 per 20. It generally starts at the age of 30-40, appears rather in dark-skinned people and may develop in the form of patches or brown spots on cheeks and lips. Rarely, they may also occur on the neck, shoulder and upper arms.

It may be of dermal, epidermal or mixed type depending on its location in the skin.

– well limited
– dark brown
– good response to resurfacing treatments

– irregular ends
– light brown
– requires a deeper treatment

– combination of light or dark spots
– partial response to the treatment

Melasma reacts slowly to the treatment. Therefore, it requires patience and soft treatments, otherwise spots may enhance. – discontinuation of hormone drugs – choosing sunscreens with high protection factor.
In this respect, consultation with the dermatologist to identify the type and depth of the spot and determine an appropriate treatment plan would properly guide you.
Treatment based on destruction of pigments by laser yields the best result. The procedure may require several sessions. Fractional laser is one of the best laser treatments with proven reliability. PRP Treatment and dermaroller are also promising.

Since skin structure and treatment response of patients and depth of the spot (melasma) are different, melasma treatment should be customized and always a proper treatment protocol should be set up for the individual after an examination by the dermatologist.

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