What is varicose vein?

It is the dilatation of the veins. While hormonal and genetic reasons may lead to this disorder, also long-time afoot work and use of contraceptives may trigger varicose vein formation.

Can varicose vein marks be eliminated?
It is possible to eliminate capillary vasodilation on the face and legs and varicose veins up to a diameter of 4 mm through laser and radiofrequency systems. .

How long does it take to eliminate?
For this treatment, 2 or 3 sessions are enough depending on the physical condition of the patient.

Duration of sessions?
At Dermaclinic, each session takes 5 minutes and sessions are applied at 2-week intervals. It is a painless procedure. Complaints are eliminated and a smooth skin is achieved after the treatment.

Any restriction during the treatment?
With this method, the patient may immediately return to his/her daily activity. No restriction or additional measure is required.

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