What is Fractional Laser?

Description & Method of Application
Stimulates by micro-thermal action subcutaneous collagen synthesis to repair and rejuvenate your skin. During this process, no harm is induced on the upper cutaneous part. A mild pinkness prevails on the face for 2-3 days following the treatment, however such dermatological change is recognized as a live and healthy look by the people around you. The treatment lasting for 20 minutes may be applied at 3- or 4-week intervals. Various scientific studies have demonstrated obvious recovery in skin complaints (wrinkles, spots, pores) at the end of each session.

Bodily Areas Where the Treatment is Effective  
Wrinkles, skin spots and acne marks on the supraorbital area, lips, forehead, hands, neck and low-neck area. Obvious recovery particularly in wrinkles and spots on hands.

When Treatment Effects Are Visible
At Dermaclinic, while an obvious recovery is achieved in each session, 4-6 sessions are applied depending on the patient’s condition. Skin also keeps rejuvenating after the sessions.

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