What is Non-surgical Local Slimming with Ultrashape V3?

If you seek a non-surgical or non-medication method to get rid of unwanted persistent fats or sags on abdomen, hips, waist and inner thigh that cannot be eliminated by physical activity or diet before the start of summer, and your time is very valuable, then Ultrashape V3 is the most appropriate, effective and reliable procedure for you.

How Does İt Work?

Ultrashape V3 is a non-surgical slimming method breaking up unwanted fats by means of the focus ultrasound method. It is particularly effective in bodily areas where no slimming by diet or physical activity can be achieved. It helps locally reshaping the body. It is effective in abdomen, hips, waist and upper thighs. At Dermaclinic, depending on the area to be treated, the procedure takes 30 minutes – 1.5 hours. Immediately after the session and during 2

 weeks, slimming occurs in the area treated. This is 4-5 cm in average and corresponds to one body size. 1 extra session may optionally be applied after 2 weeks. The procedure may be applied to men as well as women. Distinguishing aspect of Ultrashape V3 compared to cavitation ultrasound devices is that it destroys fat cells while others reduce them. What makes it a highly preferable method is that it is a painless procedure, 1 or 2 sessions at 2-week intervals may yield desired results, the body receives no injection during the procedure, and no post-treatment bruising, redness, etc. occurs.The device has FDA approval from the States in 2007 and Canada in 2008 confirming that it is effective and reliable. Today, it is applied in more than 50 countries in Europe and States. It is reported to be effective and reliable in more than 500 cases, and accompanied by scientific approval. The patient is never disturbed either during or after the procedure. It is also called as “walk-in, walk-out” treatment.  Pre- and post- co-application with radiofrequency enhances circulation in the target body area and hence strengthens the benefit. Fats broken up are eliminated from the body through the natural physiological and metabolic process. The latest Ultrashape V3 version is employed in our clinic. Finally, enjoy summer with an easily and perfectly slimmed body thanks to Ultrashape V3.

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