What is Laser Epilation?​

This is the fastest and most reliable method of getting rid of unwanted hair. Thanks to cooling-aided laser methods, the laser heat is transformed into an energy that destroys hair follicle without damaging the skin. While laser epilation systems have been in the play around the globe for more than 20 years, technologies rapidly flourish and gain a more comfortable and more effective profile.

Principle of action?
Laser light interacts with hair and the melanin pigment that gives the hair colour. Transformed into heat energy in hair follicle, laser light destroys the follicle. For permanent epilation, laser light should go deep into the skin, turn into heat energy and destroy the follicle. Best and fastest result is achieved to the extent hair is darker and skin is fairer.

Why multiple sessions are needed? 
Body hair is at various phases during their growth. Laser is only effective during the cycle called the anagen phase. In each session, the purpose is to address hairs of this phase. Hairs go thinner and lighter after each treatment. An average reduction of 20-40% in hair mass is achieved. An average of 4-8 sessions are required depending on the bodily area and skin type.

Session intervals and duration ? 
Session interval is 1-1.5 months for facial treatments, and 2-2.5 months for other bodily areas. Session intervals tend to go longer in the treatment progress. Duration of the session depends on the device’s speed, practitioner’s knowledge and experience, and the size of the bodily area treated.

Is the treatment painful?
Cooling-aided painless laser systems are employed in Dermaclinic.

Any side effect? 
No known side effect with the proper laser choice, appropriate dosage and specialized practitioner.

What impacts the treatment’s success?
Different laser systems are used for epilation purposes addressed to different functions and preferences. The essence of the treatment is to choose the laser that best fits the patient’s skin and hair colour, and to properly conduct the procedure. Age, hormonal state, genetic factors, drug use and metabolic factors should be considered. Therefore, the procedure requires a prior comprehensive dermatological examination and evaluation. In case of any hormonal problem, necessary examinations should be conducted, and medication or drug-combined laser treatment should be applied. Sometimes, hair growth may be the indication of a hormonal problem. Remember that laser treatment is a medical procedure.

Target bodily areas? 
Laser treatment may address the whole body subject to protecting the eyes against direct light.

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