Dermaclinic Poliklinik was founded by Mrs. Fatma OZEL, Dermatologist, in Bursa, 2003. Dr. Fatma Ozel has graduated from Ondokuz Mayis University Medical School in 1992. She worked at Sivas SSK for 2 years and Bursa Cekirge SSK for 2 years as a dermatology specialist. She attended so many scientific courses and meetings about cosmetic dermatology. She also attended a master course with Dr. Bonan in Florence about skin rejuvenation, vaginal rejuvenation and laser lipolysis. She still keeps herself updated on the latest developments and applies them at Dermaclinic.

Dermaclinic is committed to developing scientific solutions against any dermatological problem, and conducting non-surgical aesthetic procedures at clinical conditions. In our clinic, 6 distinct laser systems are employed for dermatological, cosmetic dermatological and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Latest national and international trends are followed, scientifically confirmed sophisticated devices are procured and put into service as swiftly as possible.


All treatments in Dermaclinic are based on scientifically proven methods. 

We never sacrifice the principle of trust.

  • Key safety criteria for the sake of your skin’s health and beauty are crucial for us.
  • Besides FDA and CE approval on the technologies we employ, one of our utmost priorities is that all laser procedures are applied by the specialist dermatologist in strict accordance with legal requirements.
  • The result offered to you by Dermaclinic is of particular importance for us. Any method or system with which you do not feel comfortable is no way involved in our portfolio.
  • We invest in knowledge.

New knowledge drives new technologies. For this reason, we participate in training activities in our field and strive to implement scientifically endorsed innovations. We are aware of the fact that a satisfied patient is our most valuable marketing asset; and we believe that a permanent corporate presence owes to dedicated efforts, consistent deliverables, feedback, straightforwardness and trust.

Innovation powered, scientific health beauty.


Some Congresses and Courses Attended by Dr. Fatma Ozel

1) The International Aesthetic Dermatology Congress of the European Society for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology (ESCAD) 9-12 aralık 2010, Dresden – Germany

2) International Master Course on Aging Skin 2010 Paris, France

* Master Course: Facial rejuvenation and fractional lazer update with  the meeters.

* Master Course: dermatologic medical  SPA ISDS 30th annual meeting

3) International Society for Dermatologic Surgery 2010, Vienna – Austria

4) International Master Course on Aging Skin 2009, Paris – France

5) European Academy of Dermatology  and Venereology 2006, Rodos

6) ELOS Tecnology Course 2006, Paris – France

7) 3. Ulusal Dermatolojik Cerrahi Günleri 4-7 Kasım 2010, İstanbul

*Temel Ekizyonel Cerrahi Teknikleri kursu.

*Botulinum Toksin Uygulamaları kursu.

8) XIX. Prof .Dr. A. Lütfü Tat Simpozyumu 11-15 KASIM 2009, Ankara

9) II. Ege Dermatoloji Günleri 15-16 Mayıs 2006, Fethiye

10) Dermotokozmetoloji anti agin günleri 2005, Uludağ – Bursa

11) İstanbul Kozmetik Dermatoloji Simpozyumu 29-30 eylül 2005, İstanbul

* Dolgu Maddeleri ve Botulinum Toksini kursu

12) Lasers in Dermatology 2004, İstanbul

13) Cosmetic Botox applications upper face 2004, İstanbul

14) XX. Ulusal Dermatoloji kongresi 2004, Çeşme

15) 17.Ulusal Dermatoloji kongresi 1998, Kuşadası

16) XIII. Prof Dr A Lütfü Tat sempozyum 1997, Ankara

17) 3rd Congress of the Mediternean Assocration of Dermatology / 2001, Kemer-Antalya

18) EADV (European Academy Of Dermatology and Venereology) 2011 Lisbon/PORTEKİZ